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Technology that empowers your ministry
We offer a wide range of tools for churches of all sizes – at any stage.
People are the center of everything...
Community Insight
Get a full picture of individuals, families, and visitors by tracking event attendance, contact information, membership data, notes, and custom fields.
Powerful Search Tools
Group people together with tags and use our powerful search features to find people meeting any number of criteria. For example, find widowers over age 65 who are members and joined in the last year, men between 18 and 24 who are visitors. The possibilities are limitless.
The health of any ministry is dependent on staying in touch. Whether it be weekly emails, or last minute messages, your're covered. Send emails, text messages, phone calls, and snail mail easily to any group of people.
A robust reporting system is built right in. Not only can you get attendance statistics, an updated directory, or a giving report, you can also discover deeper data insights to give you a snapshot into the vital health of your ministry.
Track and encourage giving...
Detailed Tracking
People want to know their financial gifts are properly accounted for. A6 provides flexibility in tracking the many ways people may give to your ministry from tax-deductible gifts, multiple funds, pledge drives, and envelope numbers. We've got you covered. Check scanners and importing contributions are also supported.
Online and Mobile Giving
An increasing number of church-goers manage all of their finances online. A6 allows you to provide everyone with a digital option for their gifts with bank drafts and credit cards. The online portal allows people to setup recurring gifts, view their giving history, and download an annual statement.
Check Processing
A6 is proven to reduce administrative burden and increase efficency with advanced options for check processing. Connect a check scanner to automatically capture contributor data. When integrated with Remote Deposit Capture from your bank, a single check scan can deposit funds to your bank account and post the gift to A6.
Create accurate, IRS compliant statements and tax receipts for your contributors. Complex analytics are made simple, so you can gain valuable insights into the financial health of your congregation in a flash.
Seamless events...
One-stop Organization
We give you the tools to focus on the experience, not the organizing. Quickly and easily create an event in A6 to manage both recurring and one-time events of any size. Selling tickets, automatic assignment of participants into groups, accepting payments, tracking attendance, and powerful dashboards are all standard.
Online Registration
When enabled, participants can register online. Customize the registration form for each event, set restrictions on participants, and communicate with everyone. When using the A6 Kiosk app, participants can even register onsite at your location.
Secure Check-in
Enabling participant check-in for any event is done in one click. Print name tags, parent reciepts, and bag tags to ensure security in your children's ministry. Our solution is also visitor friendly with automatic enrollment of new people and group assignment. With the live check-in dashboard, you can monitor how your event is progressing with each group.
From regular participants every week to new participants, it's connecting with the people you host is important. With A6, our standard suite of communication tools extends to events allowing you to quickly email, text, and even call your participants with important info, last minute changes, or following up afterwards.
Connect with your congregation...
Congregational Portal
The congregational portal provides a convenient one-stop place for people to make a donation, register for an event, see announcements, and browse a directory. The portal is completely branded for your ministry and comes with our select package.
Send and Receive Text Messages
Our rich communication tools allow you to quickly get the message out and sometimes the best way is through a text message. From A6 you can quickly filter out the right recipients and send them a text in a matter of seconds. You can also track and view incoming messages from one conenient location.
Send Phone Calls
Ever wanted to send a voice message over the phone to your ministry? With A6, there's no extra hardware needed. Simply record the message over the phone and we'll send it out to everyone you choose. We call person per second, so you can get your message out quickly! We'll also show you who answered the phone, when it went to voicemail, and when the call didn't go through.
Send Emails
Sending emails to a group of the right people is effortless in A6. Advanced filtering and tagging let you select the target audience and quickly get your message out. We'll track the emails as they're delivered and keep you updated on the status.
The power of the cloud
Everywhere you are
Whether you're at home or in an office, it's all the same. Meet needs wherever and whenever you are called to serve. On the go? Download our iOS apps in the App Store!
Automatic backups
We perpetually back up your data for you so that you never need to worry about losing it.
Always up-to-date
New features and improvements are pushed out every week. Never worry about updating your software again.